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This is the Chinese mega city of Shenzhen,a gleaming monument to China’s economic miracle.In 1980 it was a town with around 60,000 residents.Now it’s China’s technological hub, with a population of over 12 million.Entrepreneurs, high-flying tech graduates and international companies flock here to join the tech revolution.Welcome to Shenzhen


Shenzhen sits north of Hong Kong in the Pearl River Delta.One of the most densely urbanised regions in the world.The area has an estimated population of 120 million people In 1980 Shenzhen was dedicated a Free Economic Zone - an experiment in market capitalism in Communist China.The effects were explosive. Shenzhen’s population skyrocketed in just over 30 years.But, it’s tech hardware that has put this city on the map.If Silicon Valley dreams it up, then this is where it’s made.


This is Huaqiangbei market - arguably the world’s largest electronics market.The market’s neon lit corridors stretch across multiple buildings and many floors.The stalls sell everything from the latest gadgets, to the tiniest screws.If you wanted to, you could buy all you need to build your own smartphone or 100,000 of them.


Because Shenzhen draws in workers from across China, its foods scene is just as varied as its population.If you’re looking for the full banquet experience,Shang Palace in the Shangri-La Hotel has got you covered.Their Dim Sum lunch is a feast for the eyes and the mouth.It’s a showcases of authentic Cantonese cuisine.Or try something a little more casual, such as Chinese Hot Pot.A simmering pot of soup stock is kept on your table and you put your choice of ingredients in.One of the most famous variations is flavoured which Sichuan pepper so watch out, it can pack a serious spicy punch.


When you get the bill you’ll notice QR codes.Here in Shenzhen they’re used by locals to pay for just about everything.Simply scan the code and the money is transferred. Sound great but there’s a hitch.You can’t use them unless you have a Chinese bank account.So a technology to make life easier only works if you're a local.


Finally, why not enjoy some sport...Shenzhen style.This is Robomaster. A competition put on by local drone and tech company DJI.Students teams from around the world compete using a variety of self made robots to shoot each other and destroy the opposition base.The competition aims to foster engineering and programming and keep Shenzhen at the forefront of the tech revolution.